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There is a problem with this LNG by Rail Special Permit

I've been talking to my friend Ron who is a retired NYSDOT
guy, who was an inspector in the commercial division (big rigs).
Ron also worked for the railroads.

Ron is super smart, and he really knows these US DOT Special Permits (SP).

The Short Answer:
1: It would take enormous expense and effort to meet the permit conditions, so much so, that this SP will likely never be used.

2: There is a legal question as to whether the shipper New Fortress Energy
can legally fill these DOT-113 cars, when the authorization was
granted to permitee Energy Transport Solutions. Are these distinct business
entities? Or the same? (If so, then why the charade of a second fictitious name?)

For reference:
PHMSA Announcement Page:

The Special Permit:


1. GRANTEE: Energy Transport Solutions, LLC, Doral, FL

and this:

c. No party status will be granted to this special permit.

This is different from the Special Permit which we see, for example,
with the CNG #BombTrucks. In that case, the SP is issued to the
*manufacturer*. (e.g., Hexagon Lincoln, Quantum Fuel Systems).

Then, any carrier (e.g, NG Advantage, or XNG) can use these
trailers, as long as a copy of the SP is carried on board.

In the case of SP-20534, this permit is issued to a SHIPPER,
Energy Transport Solutions, LLC (ETS).

Because "no party status is granted", this means the permit is
ONLY good for this one shipper.

Ron says this Special Permit ONLY applies to this shipper.

However in the case of the proposed Wyalusing, Bradford Co, PA
LNG terminal, the shipper is New Fortress Energy.


Well, it turns out New Fortress Energy has 73 subsidiaries (!!): one is ETS:

This raises red flags for me.  The reasons corporations use multiple
business entities like this (wholly owned subsidiaries, and more complex
ownership structures) is because often they can ESCAPE REGULATION
or LIMIT LIABILITY pretending to be two different business entities.

But other times, (like with this Special Permit), they have to be the same.
This could be a legal challenge. Seems like funny business. 

Ron also says the permit conditions are very strict, and would
be difficult to meet. "This permit could only be used in an emergency

It requires ETS to provide training to all first responders who
could potentially respond ( @ §7(c)(5) of the Special Permit)
which is potentially dozens of different agencies all along the route.

The permit states that the routes will not be decided by the permit,
but are to be determined by the railroad operator dynamically.

The effort to a) locate every possible first responding agency,
and b) provide training to them, would be ENORMOUS.

The permit also requires that this is a "direct route with no stops".
This means the train will likely be a "Unit Train" with only one type
of cargo, with a common shipper/customer. Point to Point.

It also requires complex telemetry for each car (pressure, leaks, location),
@ §7(a)(3) of SP-20534, which would require a massive back-end tracking system
developed, probably communicating with satellites. 

Perhaps such a system already exists, and it's all just turnkey.
But it looks to me it would take a large amount of planning to
set it up and make this work.

The other problem is availibility of DOT-113 cars.
Ron says they are used in Canada, but not much
in the US, presently, for cryogenic, non-LNG gases. 

Ron says this SP is most likely moot,
that it MOST LIKELY will never be used.

He thinks the AAR (railroad trade association)
had a hand in drafting this permit. This org represents
the railroad operators.

Ron says, "the AAR wants LNG by rail (because it's
revenue for the operators it represents), but they
want this occur in an approved package.

The entire reason why a Special Permit is necessary,
is because the DOT-113 cryogenic tanker is presently
not an approved package for LNG.

Ron says, This Special Permit is an emergency back-up plan,
should the new regulations fail to pass.

We joked at this point about: Emergency? What Emergency?
A stockholder didn't get his dividend in a timely manner?
What is the national emergency for moving LNG by rail?

A major purpose of the PHMSA "Notice of Proposed Rulemaking" (NPRM)
for LNG by rail, is to make the DOT-113 an "authorized package"
for shipping LNG by rail.

The railroad operators take responsibility for any HAZMAT shipments
which occur in authorized packages. The potential liability for rail accidents
involving HAZMAT could be $100M or more. So the insurance companies
have a hand in crafting the regs.

You can now comment on the Special Permit:
(it was closed when I looked previously -- so PHMSA has just opened
this up! Maybe due to Senator DeFazio's complaint?) well as commenting on the Regs:

My suggestion is that we focus on making comments on the Regs.
The special permit is likely moot -> would take ENORMOUS effort.

I hope this is helpful,

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Bad news: PHMSA approves LNG by rail

Liquefied Natural Gas - Transportation by Rail

On December 5, 2019, PHMSA granted a special permit to Energy Transport Solutions, LLC to authorize transportation of LNG in DOT-113C120 tank cars between Wyalusing, PA and Gibbstown, NJ, with no intermediate stops, subject to certain operational controls.

Links to the special permit and associated documents are provided below:

DOT-SP 20534

Special Permit Evaluation Form

Environmental Assessment

Federal Register Notice – Notice of Issuance of Special Permit Regarding Liquefied Natural Gas

The relevant dockets at are provided below:

Hazardous Materials: Liquefied Natural Gas by Rail

Draft Environmental Assessment for a Special Permit Request for Liquefied Natural Gas by Rail

Updated: Thursday, December 5, 2019



William Huston:
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Thursday, December 5, 2019

The SUNGEEL lithium battery recycling plant proposed for Endicott, NY

Great comment, from Dr. Paul Connett, a local expert on incinerators and Zero Waste.


---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Paul Connett
Date: Thu, Dec 5, 2019, 11:50 AM
Subject: The SUNGEEL lithium battery recycling plant proposed for Endicott, NY
To: <>, <>, 

Joseph M Dlugolenski
NYSDEC Region 7 Cortland Sub-Office
1285 Fisher Ave
Cortland, NY 13045

Paul Connett, PhD,
Binghamton, NY 13905

Dear Mr. Dlugolenski,

I have recently been made aware of a proposal to build a lithium battery recycling plant proposed in Endicott, NY. I am very concerned about this project and I would like, as a member of the Tri Cites area (I live in Binghamton, NY), to request that the NY DEC hold a public hearing on this project. To date citizens have only heard from the company.

My background. I am a retired professor of chemistry, who specialized in environmental chemistry and toxicology. I taught at St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY,  from 1983- 2006. I have been involved in waste management research since 1985 - and this issue that has taken me to 49 states in the USA, 7 provinces in Canada and 66 other countries. From 1985 to 2000 I headed up the group Work on Waste, USA. I have written extensively on the dangers posed by incineration, including co-authoring 6 papers on dioxin published in the peer-reviewed journal Chemosphere. More recently I published the book "The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time" (Chelsea Green, 2013)

My Concerns.

 1) This project is being rushed through with minimal public input.
2) The facility is being built in a highly populated community, whose residents' health has already been compromised by industrial operations (e.g. IBM).
3) Lithium batteries are notorious for being a fire hazard, but I do not see any accident analysis. What hazards would a fire cause to this community if tons of lithium batteries are brought to and stored in this location? This analysis should be required by the NY DEC.
4) Obviously, a lot of attention has been paid to this technology but it does pose risks - and no matter what bells and whistles are put on this plant the ultimate fail safe is its location. In this case the location offers no fail safe - if accidents occur - or even malfunctions and upset conditions - people will be immediately in harms' way. I would like to know the rationale for this siting? Is it the best and safest location that can be found in this area, or in NY State or the region? Or was this siting decision made because Endicott is perceived as a sacrifice area?
5) I note in one of the schematics of the process in the air permit prepared by .Plumley Engineering the label "PCB" occurs. Do these  letters refer to Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls, if so I am particularly concerned a) because they are very toxic in their own right but also b) when they are heated or burned the byproducts poly chlorinated dibenzo furans (PCDFs) are orders of magnitude more toxic than the PCBs themselves. That is why when burned in bulk in hazardous waste facilities they are required to meet a destruction removal efficiency (DRE) of 99.9999.

6) I note that the SUNGEEL facility operating in South Korea has been measured for dioxin - but only a single figure (one test?) has been provided for dioxin emissions - i.e. 0.016 ng I-TEQ/SM3.

QUESTIONS: Was only one test performed on this facility? For what duration?  6 hours? Under what conditions? Such spot tests are notorious for underestimating emissions during start-up, shut-down and upset conditions. As a result in Germany, Belgium and some other countries companies are required to use a 4-week continuous sampling system (the AMESA system). Emissions when estimated using this sampling system emissions can be several orders of magnitude higher than the 6-hour spot tests. Thus the conclusions by  Plumley Engineering copied below -  are not based on adequate science and are cavalier to say the least.

If the company has an operating facility such measurements should be made using continuous sampling over a whole year.

Furthermore, I would like to see dioxin measurements made in several locations in the facility (after the heater) and before and after the air pollution control equipment so an estimate can be made of their removal efficiency.

7. Other emission data. Like the dioxin data the metal emissions appear to be based on single measurements i.e. spot tests. Were they based on one spot test? Or many? If many then one would like to see the range of the results.

8. Thermal release vents (i.e. dump stacks). I saw no mention of these in the permit application, but typically when materials are being heated or burned at high temperatures you need some device to vent the gases in the event of some blockage downstream of the heater or burner. When this occurs there is no mitigation from air pollution control and emissions of both toxic metals and dioxins can greatly increased. We need to know the track record of the company's operation in South Korea in this regard.

9. Nanoparticles. I see no discussion of nanoparticles in the application. This is perhaps the most unexpected and serious problem in any high temperature heating or burning operation. It is only in the last few years that we are beginning to find out the health problems these maybe generating. In just the last few weeks a paper has been published indicating a relationship between 2.5 micron particles and brain cancer.

10. No emission monitoring proposed. I see in the air permit that as far as emissions are concerned no short term or long term monitoring is proposed, instead the facility will be "monitored" using simple operating criteria - temperature at certain points and pressure drop in the baghouse. I do not find this satisfactory or protective of the community. It may be that such simple measurements could be used once a year's worth of data has been complied and correlated with these parameters - but not at the outset. Perhaps that has been done in Korea - but if so the data should be provided.

Conclusion: For all of the reasons above I think it is imperative that the NY DEC either reject the permit application outright or organize a hearing where both the citizens and local decision makers hear about the possible dangers involved in this project.


Paul Connett,
Dec 5 2019

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Endicott Battery Incinerator: New Videos!

Urgent request for funds! 
I am still trying to raise $500 for unmet November expenses
(storage, PO box, phone, deposit on new apt) 

or alternately, Paypal:
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Watch the Entire Video Playlist:


.... or watch the individual videos:

1: Endicott Battery Update: What is it? Where is it?

  • What is it? Manufacturing, or Recycling?
  • Kiln or Incinerator?
  • Hype Alert!
  • Imperium3/C4V => Where is it?
  • MIA bastard engineered by bureaucrats / Taxpayer Money Pit
  • Engineered not Organic
  • We’ve defeated incinerators before!
  • My Name is Allegany County (1990)
  • Privitization of our Intellectual Commons
  • It’s Just the Same Old Enclosure Scam
    (Diggers, Levellers, Advertising)

  • Privatization adds costs!
  • Bait and Switch (Manufacturing vs. Crash-n-Bash)
  • Write or Call the DEC!!!
  • List of Basic Demands (see below)

    2: Endicott Battery thing, Future Plans? 

    • Recap: No-show manufacturing. WASTE TREATMENT on the Fast Track.
    • Local Electeds are ON NOTICE!
    • DEC finally got records to Library – BH published to internet here:

    • DEC is structurally compromised.
    • Aerial survey of site.
    • Did NYSEG sign off on the storage location?!
    • SOLVENT EXTRACTION! (the long-term plan??)
    • Write and Call the DEC!!
    • Basic Demands Listed

    3: Endicott Incinerator: Let's talk about the CHEMICALS 

    • Roasting & Crushing
    • SOLVENT EXTRACTION!? (the real long-term goal?)
    • Recalling the SPDES fight over the Stink Trucks (landfill leachate).
    • Endicott: 467 Contaminated Acres/Cancer Cluster
      • The Inevitible Consequence of Mainframe Computers and Personal PCs.
    • Now, Endicott’s air must be poisoned so we can have electric cars?
    • Aerial Survey continues: Proximity to local shopping, downtown area.
    • The contents of the Toxic Smog listed (Potential to Emit)
    • The EPA “Major Source” / Title-V rabbit hole
    • Black Art of Chemical Toxicity Science
    • The INCOMPLETE science of Toxicity
    • NOx is NOT a Hazadous Air Pollutant!? (what the hell?)
    • WRITE to the DEC! and Call too!!
    • Basic Demands repeated.

    4: Endicott Battery Incinerator: NEWS UPDATE! 


    • What we asked for vs. what we got.
    • 15 days extension. Really 27. Huh?
    • NO WORD about a public hearing.
    • DEC makes it HARD TO GET THE DOCS!
    • BH makes it EASY! Grab all of the docs here:

    • Special message to Donna Lupardo
    • Recalling Donna’s environmental record.
    • WRITE and CALL the DEC!!!! 
    • Donna Lupardo: 607-723-9047

    5: Endicott Incinerator: DEC Reality Check Pt1 

    • Debunking common misconceptions about the realities of the view of “Government as protector of the Environment”.
    • Challenges with fighting the permit
      • Fighting the Government
        • DEC almost never listens – We have to make a BIG NOISE!
        • Police Powers!
      • Little help from local environmental groups
      • Fighting the Greens who think EVs are necessary for “Our Renewable Tomorrow”.
    • Looking for Env. Warriors at the Cuddle Party!
    • Treating Endicott like damaged goods.
    • The history of Stink Trucks at Endicott
    • Pregnant Mare’s Urine??
    • DEC’s sadly pathetic record. DEC is like Buttah!
    • Metaphysics in Environmental Activism
    • Where are the fierce environmental protectors?
      All of the typical suspects (NGOs, electeds, regulators)
      are falling over.

    • As good stewards, we must imagine the WORST CASE SCENARIO
    • How DEC keeps us ignorant, and disempowered, various schemes.
    • The DANGER of “Unpublished SEQR actions”.
    • We can’t legally challenge a secret decision! (2011 Stink-Trucks Pilot progrem / Huron’s new Waste Importation Business)
    • The THREE TYPES of NY Air Pollution Permits
    • The multiple reasons for a public hearings
    • But are the hearings a Moot Court?
    • DEC acts as a Project Sponsor!!! NOT a neutral arbiter.
      WHAT THA HELL!! They all act like it’s normal!

    • Saw this previously at the SRBC
    • also Commisioner Martens w/SGEIS.
    • DEC Issues Conference for Crestwood LPG @ Seneca Lake
    • DEC staff seen passing notes with the applicant during the meeting!!! 

    6: Endicott Incinerator: DEC Reality Check Pt2 w/Spike Jones! 

    • Permitting and Regulating” vs Prohibition
    • DEC is not designed to Say No.
    • Permit: Turn the valve on. Regulate: Keep the valve open.
    • The permit doesn’t prevent pollition. It ENABLES IT!
    • Why do we prohibit Murder and Rape? (public safety requirement)
    • So why do we “Permit and Regulate” toxic pollution?
    • The Law is Designed Against Us!!!
    • Democracy School teaser.
    • Cumulative Impacts NOT STUDIED!
    • Point Sources considered individually.
    • Discharges are LEGAL as long as “within limits”.
    • But really, this is a PSYOP.
    • The amount of pollution is NOT LIMITED by law!
    • Holy Shit!! What a GREAT CLIP of Spike Jones (Allegany County Nonviolent Action Group) talking about the pragmatic
      necessity of direct action, vs. engaging in a RIGGED Permit Game.

    7: Democracy School, Regulatory Rot, Police Powers 

    • Get CELDF Democracy School Training!! All people doing environmental work should GET THIS TRAINING!
      (This is a natural endorsement. I have no financial connection to CELDF)
    • One major lesson of Democracy School: Permit Proceeding is Rigged Game
    • NY SEQR (SEQRA) flowchart, Unlisted Actions, Subjective & Arbitrary Classifications
    • We want a full EIS for Endicott! (to slow down the process, not because we believe in the process. See the Tom Linzey clip in the playlist!)
    • Regulatory Rot. What we see, Possible reasons postulated.
    • We (concerned public) should HELP the legislators and regulators do the right thing. (what is the best possible outcome, from this point?)
    • Be careful with those words! (the power of judgements/curses)
    • Reggie / Cuddle Party People vs Police Powers
    • DEC Police should do more Enforcement Actions against industrial polluters.
    • The DEC staff don’t seem to see the rot.
    • Stink Trucks video (met Reggie there)
    • Reggie’s body language.
    • Did you make this mess, Reggie?
    • Saying S.P.D.E.S. with a straight face.
    • The title of the law is a PSYOP.
    • Permit doesn’t “eliminate” pollution. It permits it! (exact opposite)
    • Recap: Biz development and protecting env. are mutually exclusive
    • Three Branches: Environment Regulator is Executive function.
    • Police Powers are Executive function.
    • Chart: Police Powers (zoning, muni. cops, ECL)
    • Health, Safety, and Welfare” => Police Powers!
    • Write to the DEC! Call them too!

    8: Endicott: NOT an Environmental Justice Community?  

    • Critique of “Environmental Justice
    • Race” is used to DIVIDE people (esp. social movements)
    • Rights are not a function of class/race.
    • Benzene toxicity is not a function of skin color.
    • EJ promotes special classes of victims.
    • EJ promotes victimization fable of PoC and the poor.
    • David Braun’s Ambulance Service
    • CELDF approach: Permit Process is designed to funnel us into arenas where we have no agency.
    • Playing the rigged permit game.
    • Shouldn’t we use the tools available to us?
      (as long as we recognize that the game is rigged)

    • SEQR: Negative Declaration. “Will not have a significant impact”.
    • DEC refuses Endicott EJ protections. By what basis?
    • Details of the NY DEC’s “Commissioner Policy” on EJ.
    • NO TEETH! Creates no rights, no remedies. Insubstantial.
    • Reading the Negative Dec.
    • Major vs. Minor Projects
    • More subjectivity
    • CP-29 on Env. Justice requires PERMIT INFO PUBLISHED ON INTERNET! (huh. Sounds familiar… Who was asking for this?)
    • Write to the DEC and also CALL!

    CALL and/or WRITE to the DEC before Thu Dec 5!

    Sample letter:

    Joseph M Dlugolenski
    NYSDEC Region 7 Cortland Sub-Office
    1285 Fisher Ave
    Cortland, NY 13045

    subj: Application 7-0346-00218/00001 SMCC LIB Recycling Facility

     Dear Mr. Dlugolenski,

    My name is ------------.

    I (live, work, go to school, have family who live, etc) in Endicott.
    (or) I live in (Endwell/JC/Vestal/Binghamton) downwind of the proposed facility in Endicott.

    I am very concerned about the proposed SMCC battery incinerator in the center of a populated area. Several of the chemicals with a "Potential to Emit" are CANCER CAUSING, endocrine disruptors, or destroy lung tissue (e.g., sulfuric acid).

    My request and demands are that DEC:
    • Stop treating Endicott like a 3rd world dumping ground. 
    • SLOW DOWN the Fast-Track!
    • Significantly Extend the Comment Period
    • Hold a Public Hearing in Endicott!
    • Conduct a FULL Type-1 SEQR environmental review including an Environmental Impact Statement
    • Invoke CP-29: Environmental Justice!
    • DEC TRANSPARENCY:  Publish the Permit Docs on the INTERNET!
    • Raise the Stack Height by at least 200’
    • Baseline Ambient Air Test
    • The Applicant should clearly state FUTURE PLANS, e.g., "Solvent Extraction"
    • CONTINUOUS AIR MONITORING! Multiple sites.
    • You must PROVE to this community: ZERO HARMFUL EMISSIONS!

    Thank you,
    (your name)
    (your group)


    Monday, November 25, 2019

    Help fight the Endicott Battery Incinerator!


    I'm sending this to a) friends & supporters, b) affinity groups, and
    c) people who have made comments on this DEC Air Permit application. 

    Basic Details

    There is a proposed Lithium-ion Battery Recycling facility proposed for Endicott.

    It potentially will emit almost 13M lbs of CO2 each year, 18,000 lbs of NOx,
    Sulfuric Acid, Formaldehyde, Dioxins, Heavy Metals, Microparticles, Unspecified
    Hydrocarbons, Hexavalent Chromium!!!, etc.

    Some of these are KNOWN TO CAUSE CANCER.

    The facility is about 1/2 mile from my bedroom window!

    But Don't Worry!

    NYSDEC says there will be "no environmental or health concerns"
    and has issued a "Negative Declaration", because, well,
    Endicott is already contaminated! And the population is
    just a bunch of immigrants, people of color, and section-8 welfare

    And it's complicated, hard to get support from the environmental
    communuity, because everyone thinks we need these
    batteries to power our "renewable future",
    thus, the need
    for facilities like this to deal with recycling the spent batteries.

    The local politicians are all on-board, and the DEC is playing
    hide-and-seek (typical) keeping the community IN THE DARK
    while the FAST TRACK this project.

    People live here!
    Our lives matter!!

      DEC has extended the comment period to December 5.
         Details and sample letter HERE.
      I have obtained all of the files relating to the permit.
      DEC REFUSES TO MAKE THESE AVAILABLE on their website!!

      ... but don't worry!
        I've OCR'd them to make them text-searchable,
      and made them available for browsing here:

      Browse the files, or grab all of the files at once, like this:

      (do this from a desktop computer, not a mobile device)

      If you have time, please grab these files and look them over!
      I will be doing a live podcast about this permit soon.
      (Starting probably between 1pm to 2pm)

      I tried this on Friday, but had audio problems.
      + I've added new material!

      To catch it live, the best way is to SUBSCRIBE to the
      Bill Huston Podcast on Youtube:

      Be sure to click the bell and select "All Notifications".

      This could be long, maybe 2 hours.
      I will be releasing shorter clips later today.
      I hope it will be FUNNY, entertaining, and informative!
    4. I have about $500 in urgent bills this month.

      After a high-paying technical carreer, I have chosen to do
      Public Service work Full-Time. I do ORIGINAL RESEARCH which
      no one else does. See: My Fracking Resume

      I live on the edge of poverty.
      I narrowly escaped HOMELESSNESS last month.

      Please consider making a donation in any amount if you appreciate my work.

      GO FUND ME:
    5. You can also continue to use PayPal:
      Or USPS: BH, PO Box 22, Endicott NY, 13761
      A famous Youtuber from Oneonta raises $5,000 /mo!
      I just need ~1/10th of that!!
    Thank you!

    William Huston:
    Binghamton NY

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    Saturday, October 26, 2019

    To the lady in the big sedan who nearly ran over me at the Dollar General today...

    To the lady in the big sedan who nearly ran over me (on my bike) at the Dollar General today, please SLOW THE HELL DOWN! 

    Pay attention to your surroundings! 
    This is called Situational Awareness. 

    Remember, you are piloted a 4,000 lb vehicle powered by a 200 HP V8. 


    You must use MORE than your mirrors when backing up. Your mirrors only see directly behind you. YOU MUST ALSO TURN YOUR HEAD FROM SIDE TO SIDE and LOOK! 

    There is really no excuse to jamming your car into reverse, and gunning the motor and running over a guy on a bike!!! 

    before you Kill Someone!!

    Like me! 

    ... It's funny, because recently, I've been praying to God to end my suffering. Perhaps you are the angel sent to grant my wish. 

    I guess in that moment, I decided that I DO want to live. 

    So thank you for helping me clarify this. 

    Thursday, October 24, 2019

    URGENT! Write to NYSDEC before 11/7!! Don't let the DEC continue to use Endicott as a DUMPING GROUND!!

    UPDATE: The Applicant will hold a "public meeting" (which is NOT an NYSDEC Public Hearing), at the Huron Campus Auditorium, Wednesday, Nov. 6th, at 6:30 PM. The end of the comment period is FRIDAY Nov 8th. PLEASE WRITE or CALL to Joseph Dlugolenski using the contact info below BEFORE FRIDAY and ask for 1: a DEC Public Hearing, 2: 90 day extension of the comment period, and 3: that the NYSDEC provide official copies of all the relevant documents relating to this permit AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD on the internet for people to review. Thank you!! BH)

    A "public meeting" sponsored by the Applicant is NOT THE SAME
    as a public hearing sponsored by the NYSDEC!

    Application-related documents:

    Video playlist:

    More Info:

    Here is my sample letter to the NYS DEC. Please feel free to cut-and-paste, or use this as a basis for your letter. --BH


    Joseph M Dlugolenski
    NYSDEC Region 7 Cortland Sub-Office
    1285 Fisher Ave
    Cortland, NY 13045

    subj: Application 7-0346-00218/00001 SMCC LIB Recycling Facility

    Dear Mr. Dlugolenski,

    I am a member of WBESC, an environmental group based in Endicott. 

    As you know, Endicott has been treated as a dumping ground by industrial actors, and by NYSDEC for many years. 

    Endicott has been shown as a cancer cluster by NIOSH/CDC. Many people here are sick and dying. 

    Endicott is an Environmental Justice Community, with many poor people living here struggling to just survive. 

    Any additional load to our water quality or air quality is if grave concern to the people who live here. 

    As usual, NYSDEC has not made copies of relevant documents relating to the permit available electronically via the Internet where people can get access to them.

    Supposedly they are at the library, however,

    1: I just called the library and they CANNOT CONFIRM the documents are even there.

    2: Paper copies cannot be searched for keywords, or copy/pasted, etc. 

    3: Electronic copies have the potential to reach many more people, and are more protective of the environment, since no trees are killed. 

    Since the charter of the NYSDEC is to protect the environment, the NYSDEC should take the approach which is most environmentally friendly. 

    I can see in the ENB, the end of the comment period is Nov 8. 

    So far, the applicant has been uncooperative in producing the application and other relevant documentation. 

    Give all of these, I am asking the following from NYSDEC: 

    1: EXTEND the public comment period 90 days

    2: We DEMAND that NYSDEC stop treating this community as a Third World dumping ground, and grant us a public hearing which occurs at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the comment period.

    3: NYSDEC should make electronic copies of the application, inc. all attachments, exhibits, correspondence, and replies, and all related documents available for download AT LEAST 2 weeks prior to the public hearing. 

    Thank you,
    William Huston
    PO Box 22
    Endicott NY 13761

    Analysis (20m) WATCH THIS FIRST!

    SMCC first informational session (90m):